Lineup of speakers for TEDCity2.0, unveiled

I have a feeling there’s gonna be some important things said at this conference. Wish I could go to.

TED Blog

TEDCity2.0-featureAround the world, cities are growing at an exceptionally fast clip. As the oft-quoted statistic goes, by 2030, 6 out of every 10 people on the planet will live in a city. So how do we make sure our urban areas are filled with beauty, complexity and possibility rather than simply with overcrowding?

TED is pleased to announce TEDCity2.0, a one-day conference focused on the future of cities. Themed “Dream me. Build me. Make me real.,” TEDCity2.0 will be held on Friday, September 20, at TheTimesCenter in New York City from 9am-5pm EST. The event will be hosted by Chris Anderson, Courtney Martin and John Cary.

TEDCity2.0 will go far beyond the average urban policy conversation, bringing unexpected thinkers with bold ideas — from a junkyard anthropologist to an architect who went blind midway through his career to a photographer who took the iconic aerial image of…

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