Necrópolis de Cristóbal Colon

The Necrópolis de Cristóbal Colon is the 4th largest cemetery in the world, and certainly one of the most impressive.

Some pictures from our visit this morning.

Church in the Center of the cemetery
Church in the Center of the cemetery

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Museo de la Revolución

'Glory to the heroes of the new homeland'
‘Glory to the heroes of the new homeland’

Cuba’s Museum of the Revolution is dedicated to preserving the history of Fidel Castro’s revolutionary movement from 1953 to 1959.
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fiesta like it’s 1589

La Habana is a strange and incredible place.

I’m pretty sure that the United States doesn’t have any 420-plus year old castles. And it certainly doesn’t have any that used to guard the bay of one it’s most important ports, or were used as 20th Century prisons. I’m even more sure that if the United States did have such a caste fortress, the government would not allow a massive university party to take place on its grounds. But Cuba, and the city of Habana, are home to such a place, and played host to such a party.
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One Night in Varadero

Last Saturday (Sep. 14th) our group took a Brown-funded excursion to an all-inclusive resort located in Varadero, in the Matanzas province of Cuba. Having never been to a resort like this, I was overjoyed. But making the transition from Habana to the Iberostar resort made the shock all the more real.
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Noches habaneras

My first real night out in Havana was Wednesday. After a meet up with other American students in Havana for the semester, we ended up at a show by a music group called Interactivo. A couple hundred people were packed into the space around a stage in the center of the club. We listened to some great, and even though I couldn’t make out all their lyrics, the various singers and musicians that performed were fantastic. So good was the music that I convinced myself that I knew how to dance to it (salsa lessons are definitely in order).

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Week 1

2-6 Sep.


el martes

Our first full day in Cuba began with an introduction to Casa de las Américas, the country’s primary location for cultural research and study, and where we’ll be taking our classes for the semester. After meeting with Casa’s administrators, our professors, and the two Cuban women who will be taking classes with us, we went on a tour of the building. Besides being research center, Casa also serves as a living museum of sorts. There is art on display throughout the entire building, and not just murals and paintings, but also a plethora photographs (part of a year-long exhibition) and literature.
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Desde La Habana: Day 1

DSCN0094I’ve never seen a place like this. From the air, it seemed a little like the sprawling Midwestern fields I’ve seen so many times. If it wasn’t for the ocean, sand, palm trees, and lack of many massive highways, I might of thought I was going home.

Even though the customs officer welcomed me to her country, I had a hard time believing I was really here. After leaving the airport we passed dilapidated buildings complimented by billboards sporting nationalistic or socialist propaganda, and along side old cars pumping out plumes of black smoke. In the US when a truck coughs out its diesel refuse the odor can be overpowerfully sickening, but here in Habana the mix of ocean air and cloudy pollutants is refreshing and serves as a constant reminder that I really am not in my own country any more.
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