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Born in Washington DC, raised in Springfield, OH, and after going to high school in Chattanooga, TN, I’m now a student at Brown University in Providence, RI.

I’ve done a decent amount of moving around in my 20 years, so I figured it was about to start documenting my viajes. This blog is mostly dedicated to my travel preparations, experiences, writings, and photography, but I also love sports, food, and reading, all of which definitely influence what I do while I travel.

Besides these hobbies and interests, I’m also on my way to earning a degree in Development Studies. I am especially passionate about social & economic justice and equality, and the role that politics plays in influencing these. I’m most interested in these issues in the Western Hemisphere, and that’s where I plan to do most of my traveling in the near future.

My hope is that when my time is up I can look back and say I’ve seen a lot of the world, and left it a little bit better than I found it.

Ai Wei Wei


One thought on “About”

  1. A great website re Cuba and Baracoa in particular. Do you have any information on the artist who painted the first mural in Baracoa( in the photo there is a boy on a bike in front of it) I think it is a great piece of art and would love to know the artists name and any way of getting in touch with him or her. Thanks in advance. Best Rolf Haerem

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