Lineup of speakers for TEDCity2.0, unveiled

I have a feeling there’s gonna be some important things said at this conference. Wish I could go to.

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TEDCity2.0-featureAround the world, cities are growing at an exceptionally fast clip. As the oft-quoted statistic goes, by 2030, 6 out of every 10 people on the planet will live in a city. So how do we make sure our urban areas are filled with beauty, complexity and possibility rather than simply with overcrowding?

TED is pleased to announce TEDCity2.0, a one-day conference focused on the future of cities. Themed “Dream me. Build me. Make me real.,” TEDCity2.0 will be held on Friday, September 20, at TheTimesCenter in New York City from 9am-5pm EST. The event will be hosted by Chris Anderson, Courtney Martin and John Cary.

TEDCity2.0 will go far beyond the average urban policy conversation, bringing unexpected thinkers with bold ideas — from a junkyard anthropologist to an architect who went blind midway through his career to a photographer who took the iconic aerial image of…

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Trick Yourself

This is a short talk given by journalist AJ Jacobs. He talks about the important role that Self-Delusion plays in the creative process.

I’ve got to say I agree with Jacobs. Having nearly-blinding confidence in oneself can be a recipe for disaster, but it also allows us to begin daunting projects, wholeheartedly pour ourselves into our work, and persevere when adversity strikes. In high school my friend and I used to say ‘Trick Yourself’ to each other whenever we couldn’t bring ourselves to do homework or a menial task. By pretending like we enjoyed what we were doing, we actually did start to enjoy it, just like Jacobs says. A lot of my other friends called bs on us, but the times that I succeeded in mostly deluding myself, I was able to write a paper or clean my room faster and more enjoyably than ever before. And according to Jacobs, tricking yourself or “faking it ’til you make it” is a legitimate strategy for making substantive change.

Check it out if you’ve got 20 minutes.

Importance of Self-Delusion

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