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Racismo? There is no racism in the Americas

'Victory of ideas'
‘Victory of ideas’

“Cuando se acabó el racismo en Cuba [whem racism ended in Cuba]…”

This is the way a former Cuban basketball player began a sentence when I asked him about race and sports in modern Cuba. Yes, officially racism in Cuba ended in 1959, with the ‘eradication’ all legal forms of discrimination, thus racism no longer exists in this socialist utopia. Ha. Everybody on this island knows that that idea is nothing but an inane fantasy. Racism is a reality that black people in Cuba, including myself, face every time we are stopped by the police, interrogated by hotel staff, or stared at when walking with foreigners.
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Week 1

2-6 Sep.


el martes

Our first full day in Cuba began with an introduction to Casa de las Américas, the country’s primary location for cultural research and study, and where we’ll be taking our classes for the semester. After meeting with Casa’s administrators, our professors, and the two Cuban women who will be taking classes with us, we went on a tour of the building. Besides being research center, Casa also serves as a living museum of sorts. There is art on display throughout the entire building, and not just murals and paintings, but also a plethora photographs (part of a year-long exhibition) and literature.
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